After confirming itself in the tourism and travel market, the Flexibility Group launches its Agro-Trading wing with our maiden product being fresh washed and frozen snails ready for consumption.

After thorough market research we just re-confirmed a stated fact, that snail meat is of high nutritive value and discovered a lot of people enjoy having it on their plates and dishes be it at home or in a restaurant. Most of us have very charged schedules that we can hardly make time to get snails and go through the time consuming and tedious process of getting them ready for cooking.

The Flexibility Group is offering you a solution as we now trade in and deliver at your point of order, fresh washed and frozen snail meat, ready for consumption, respecting all hygienic and food security rules.

Nutritive Value

Cheap, tasty and nutritious snail meat helps to reduce anaemia caused by a lack of iron in the diet.

It has also been proven to be of higher protein and iron content, and lower fat content than beef, as well as containing many essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.


After collection from our farms, the snails are transported to the point where the flesh is removed from the shell and all unwanted parts of the flesh immediately discarded and the consumable part collected in protected buckets and transported to the washing point.

With pure and treated water, they are thoroughly washed before being transported to Douala in ice-packed cooler boxes for packaging.

Upon arrival, the snail meat is again washed and rinsed before the process of packaging begins. Once in the bags, each package is passed through an Ultra-Violet (UV) Sterilizing Lamp to eliminate any unwanted substances, making it 100% safe for human consumption. At this stage, they are permanently preserved in a freezer where they first get frozen and there after we maintain temperatures at the optimum temperature rate for perishable foods which is 3 – 5oC (37 – 41oF) until distribution.

Guarantee of freshness and Texture

We make sure our snail meat never over stays its time at any stage of the process especially when under normal atmospheric temperatures so as to guarantee quality and the firmness of the flesh to that gives you that unique feeling when eating. Same applies with cooling and refrigerating where we don’t allow them to go below -2.5oC or above 1oc. With this, you got the guarantee that when you get your pack and de-froze, it takes just a matter of minutes after gaining normal temperature for the meat to regain its firmness and give you the unique taste during consumption.

Sizes and Quantity

Minimum packaged Net Weight: 0.5kg

We don’t have a maximum packaging size since we can supply our clients depending on their quantity. Thus we tailor your packaging as to your command.

The snails are of different calibration (both big and medium). See photos


We supply in Cameroon and for those in the diaspora.

So for your personal consumption, ceremonies, hotel and restaurant owners, please do not hesitate to contact us for supplies.

We got one guarantee that our supply is continuous (all year round) and our product is of top quality.

Let’s consume local and bio and live healthy.

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